Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Customer Satisfaction and RetentionCustomers are the lifeline of many businesses and keeping them satisfied is understandably top priority. At Redshift Research our team of market research professionals have extensive experience of conducting research into customer satisfaction.

Common questions in customer satisfaction research

  • How satisfied are customers?
  • How strong is their loyalty?
  • How likely are customers to recommend the company/organisation/brand?
  • Do customers trust the company?
  • Is the company seen as reputable?

How Redshift can help

  • We have a set of tools we use to measure satisfaction and get to the heart of the matter
  • We can use attribute and key driver analysis to provide insight around customer satisfaction over a period of time or in relation to competitors
  • Understanding customer loyalty, and how to retain this, is imperative in ensuring you maintain a good customer base and continue to grow
  • We use a variety of techniques including Net Promoter Score (NPS) and KANO analysis which we use to measure customer recommendation levels
  • Brand associations and values, along with trust drivers and reputation index, can provide valuable insight into how the company is perceived in terms of trust and reputation

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I wanted to let you know that I compiled the results of the cars survey for the following countries (Argentina, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia & Italy – Canada is just starting their outreach now), and we so far have had 524 stories published on the survey, with a total reach of 350,000,000. Pretty great results!

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Redshift’s Red Hot Tip

Questionnaire Design:

Keep the number of questions to a minimum to ensure highest possible data quality