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Media & MarketingIt’s tough in the Media & Marketing sector to stand out from the crowd – let Redshift’s wealth of experience bring the on-point market research services that ensure you get across the right message in the most effective way.

We can help you achieve your audience engagement goals by evaluating your marketing channels, advertising campaigns and information source usage trends. With us you will always have pivotal data at your fingertips – who is going to read your content, how they are going to read it (online, traditional media or a mix) and what they’re actually going to read (defining what engages people and what they’re going to ignore).

We have an arsenal of market research services and tools that the Media & Marketing sector can use to make an impact on their target audience, whether purely in the UK or internationally. These include:

  • Audience effectiveness research
  • Advertising effectiveness research
  • Website evaluation
  • Readership and exhibition research

Redshift’s market research services have a proven track record in helping the Media & Marketing sector at whatever stage of the game they need us. For example, if you’ve already fully identified and mapped out your target audience, we can pick up the reins in creating a new angle to get the conversation going and gain publicity or we can start completely from scratch. One of the ways we would go about this is to run a number of content generation surveys across a wide range of audiences each week, using our very own opinion panel called Crowdology. More flexible than an omnibus, this platform gives us fast access to 15 million people worldwide, enabling us to deliver comprehensive yet cost-effective results.

Not forgetting the creative side – we are adept at providing the most suitable questions for your headlines.

Our experience in this sector spans a number of demographics – the audiences we have surveyed both in the UK and abroad include journalists, parents, children, gamers, marketing managers, High Net Worth individuals and IT users. View further audiences we can harness to suit your needs in our Crowds section.

Find out more about our Opinion Polls & Crowdology Panel.

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I wanted to let you know that I compiled the results of the cars survey for the following countries (Argentina, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia & Italy – Canada is just starting their outreach now), and we so far have had 524 stories published on the survey, with a total reach of 350,000,000. Pretty great results!

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Questionnaire Design:

Keep the number of questions to a minimum to ensure highest possible data quality