Industrial and Built Environment Market Research Services

Industrial and Built EnvironmentLook no further than Redshift Research for the expertise that can navigate the complicated sales channels and supply chains involved in the construction industry.

With vast experience within the Industrial and Built Environment sector, including many white papers written in the UK manufacturing sphere, we understand that B2B decision making is typically more complicated than in consumer markets. Our proven methodologies will help your company jump through the hoops seamlessly.

Industrial Market Research Services encompass a number of unique complexities, which is why this sector needs a provider that can tackle the ins and outs effectively.


The need for improved service standards and sustainable solutions in the UK construction industry has seen Redshift work for a number of clients in this sector, from multinationals to family-run businesses.

Our industrial market research services have a proven track record in helping you to identify new sales opportunities, develop new products, improve customer retention and measure how your brand compares to rivals. We have a wealth of experience in both heavy-side materials (such as cement and masonry) and light-side products (such as heating systems and lighting).

What’s more, just like our clients in the UK construction sector, we take pride in delivering our projects on time and to budget.

Our experience in this sector includes surveying architects, trades people, builder’s merchants, facilities managers, health and safety officers, quantity surveyors, property developers and landlords.


With a dependency on B2B markets, we know it’s crucial for manufacturing firms to thoroughly understand their market. Whether you’re developing a new product or need to understand what the customer truly wants, Redshift Research has the expertise to deliver the insight you need to stay on top.

Our experience in this sector includes surveying architects, automotive industries (such as fork lift truck firms), OEMs, design engineers and CAD operators.

Supply and Delivery Chain Research

For businesses that use a network of distributors and dealers, it’s important to know whether things are running efficiently at optimal levels, particularly with an international network.

This is where we come in, and where our industrial market research services become invaluable. We are skilled at working on the manufacturers’ behalf as needed. Sitting between you and your customer we can research all aspects of your network – from checking how well they understand your brand messages to whether they have the right support in order to ensure seamless efficiency when it comes to strategic changes to the system.

Our experience in this sector includes surveying agents,distributors, dealers, trades people and end-customers.

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