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Education & TrainingLook to Redshift Research for an effectively creative approach to the Education & Training sector in the UK and abroad – we are expert at market research services and solutions that maximise the development and value of human resources.

People are often a firm’s most valuable resource, so any successful business understands it is well worth investing the time to work out how best they can be utilised. From looking at what drives initiative and leadership skills to developing new products aimed at encouraging your staff to be more effective, we have the experience and tools to successfully boost employee potential.

Another way that Education & Training market research services are invaluable is they can measure the effectiveness of staff development programmes so that excellent ROI (Return of Investment) is achieved.

Other solutions we can provide which will drive your business growth and profitability are:

Brand positioning,
The perception of providers compared to competitors,
Program enhancement.

Our experience in this sector spans a number of demographics – the audiences we have surveyed include senior executives, teachers, students, lecturers, training providers, home learners, parents and HR departments. View further audiences we can harness to suit your needs in our Crowds section.

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We have shot a new TV ad and other campaign assets for our new product, again, building on the insights from your research and our current campaign’s success.  AND… we are developing the app with key insights as well (e.g. building communication/engagement pieces based on the potential reasons customers may buy our product).  So our journey continues….

It’s all thanks to the insights that we have such great results….  The research project was definitely money well spent.”

Global Head of Brand, Slendertone 

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