Research for Agencies

Wow your clients with key consumer and business market research plus opinion polling intelligence that ensures they stand above the crowd.

Around a third of our work comes from marketing and communication agencies because Redshift Research can be counted on to deliver effective and seamless results. We work flexibly as we understand that agencies are often under the gun with tricky clients.

Having worked successfully with a number of agencies (PR, Advertising, Digital etc.), we know that your clients sometimes make unreasonable demands, can sometimes set impossible deadlines (even when you tell them it can’t be done) and have a tendency to change their minds (even if it makes timescales less realistic). For this reason, we make sure that although your client might be challenging to work with, we aren’t.

Redshift is fast, flexible, cost effective and easy to work with – an experienced market research company with a track record that proves we can be relied on to deliver the right results.

The research and opinion polls we undertake for marketing and communications agencies in the UK and abroad generally falls under two broad categories:

  • PR or Content Creation studies – designed to raise the visibility of a client through both traditional and social media.
  • Marketing Insight – ensuring that client messages, creative concepts and programmes are relevant, structured and deliver the desired results.

PR and Content Creation

Whether you’re conducting a simple one question survey, or looking to conduct a global study with a hard to reach audience group (such as IT Decision makers), Redshift Research will provide the optimal solutions for your needs.

What makes us popular with agencies is that we’re totally flexible about how we work – if you need help with ideas, questionnaire design, structure, analysis, charting or even media placement, we’re always on hand. Even if you merely want to understand the bottom line results in an Excel spreadsheet, we can be of help. So, whether you want the full works or simply want to hand over a questionnaire that’s ready to launch, we’re always ready to hit the ground running.

As an experienced market research agency we’re happy to work directly with your clients, or work through you. We’re also confident that you’ll be equally delighted by the prices we charge.

Redshift can conduct interviews with almost anyone you want to reach, either within the UK or internationally. We undertake market research and opinion polling throughout Europe (East and West), the US, South America, Asia and the Middle East on a regular basis.

Surveys are not the only way you can get results – case studies and vox pops are also great ways to bring the story to life.

Marketing Insight

If done ineffectively, consumer and business market research simply produces noise that can add to uncertainty – hindering rather than helping decision making and decisive action.
Knowing your audience increases your resonance and directly addresses specific challenges so you can make the changes you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Please feel free to talk to us – the dedicated team at Redshift Research are always on hand to discuss the individual needs of your agency.

We are ready to help you

The presentation of all your insights went brilliantly on Friday, and the SMB section went down very well indeed. Go team!

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Redshift’s Red Hot Tip

Questionnaire Design:

Keep the number of questions to a minimum to ensure highest possible data quality