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Senior dDecision MakersWhether acting internally or externally in relation to a business, stakeholders are key players that have a strong impact. Redshift Research knows how to target the right people within this varied yet crucial demographic.

While the Stamford Research Institute described stakeholders in the 60s as “those groups without whose support the organisation would cease to exist”, the reality is that this type of audience can be as broad or as narrow as an organisation chooses to define it.

These days, internal stakeholders will typically include key decision makers on a project, as well as people whom the work will affect across the organisation such as sales, IT, accounts, quality control and marketing. External stakeholders in comparison can include customers, investors, analysts, distributors, trustees, non-executives and even journalists.

Because researching stakeholders therefore involves a very broad audience of people, there naturally needs to be a wide variety of methodologies used to capture the right insight. Redshift’s Opinion Polls Market Research Services include a vast armoury of tools to target the exact audience under the umbrella term of ‘stakeholder’, whether they’re located in the UK or abroad.

From qualitative workshops to more contemporary techniques such as Influencer mapping via social media analysis, a number of strategies can get the job done. However, as with most forms of research, the key to success is in understanding which techniques will best satisfy the unique research objectives and needs of each business.

We have the experience and skill to help you hit the mark when it comes to the stakeholder crowd. For example, if you want to secure the views and support of internal stakeholders, it’s best to ask them to contribute their ideas at the scoping and project development stage. If you want to understand the perspective of external stakeholders, then you need to gather opinions from as wide a cross section of people as possible to ensure you have a fully representative sample.

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