Over 50s

Over 50sWith a third of the UK population Over 50 and this figure only set to grow further, it’s more important than ever before for businesses to tap into the opinions of this key audience.

Advances in health care and medicine have made ‘50 the new 40’ – people are not only living far longer than previously, they are able to enjoy life plus a variety of activities with enthusiasm and vigour. This has made the Over 50 demographic highly important to the current marketplace.

The National Statistics Office estimates that households headed by someone over 50 now contribute over £300 billion of spending power to the UK economy. This represents a huge section of the population.

Other key statistics are that over the last decade, 93% of job increases have come from the over 50s (they’re working more), 48% of the over 65s are taking part in social activities (they’re out there doing more) and 40% of the over 65s are online at least weekly (they’re going digital and quickly).

All this demonstrates that every type of business and brand needs to reach and understand this important audience. The good news is that Redshift’s Opinion Polls Market Research Services include a wealth of experience researching the Over 50s – the likes of Playtex, Friends of the Elderly, Woodlands Trust and Unilever have all worked with us to understand more about this group.

That being said, we also keep our finger on the pulse of new developments with influential audiences – we never see them as static or predictable, because thinking about the over 50s (or the over 60s for that matter) as a homogeneous group can be limiting.

Increasingly, we’re finding that behaviour, attitudes and experiences are far more important in forming opinions than age and social class. For this reason, Redshift Research always takes the time to hone the right audience segments so that we can target the exact demographic our clients need to tap into.

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