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Mums & DadsParents tend to be the most important consumers of all – they don’t just influence their own purchasing decisions, but those of their children, spouses and elderly relatives. Redshift has the experience and tools to target this demographic effectively.

Stay at home Mums are often online for a large part of the day, using social media and absorbing influences and information differently to people in the workplace. Additionally, a growing number of Dads are running the home while the mother heads off to the office.

Parents are increasingly tech savvy due to the vast range of services and information they can tap into online. In addition to spending a great deal of time surfing the net at home, they increasingly spend time online while out and about doing errands, which influences their purchasing decisions.

Another factor to bear in mind about this particular audience is that parents are currently having children later, family sizes are smaller and families often have dual incomes – these facts all lead to more income being spent on children.

What’s more, the explosion of social media means that tech savvy parents are better informed than ever before. The result is that knowing exactly how to talk to the parent demographic and understanding what message appeals to them is harder than ever before.

Redshift’s Opinion Polls Market Research Services will allow your business to target this audience correctly using proven methodologies. We have access to 15 million pre-screened respondents covering the UK and abroad, letting you reach Mums and Dads quickly, easily and cost effectively.

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Many thanks for getting this to us so quickly! We hadn’t anticipated the results until July (3 weeks later than this) so this is a pleasant turn of events.

The bullet point summary is immensely helpful – thank you so much for this.

I’ve worked with RedShift extensively back when I was in the UK and am pleased you’re now in the US as have always had a good experience with your firm.

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