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Gen PopRedshift Research has the experience to ensure you capture a truly representative sample of the UK population to grow your business effectively.

A Nat Rep or Gen Pop target is about talking to a representative sample of the population in a country – while this sounds simple, the fact is that accessing 1,000 or 2,000 people isn’t enough to make a survey nationally representative. To hit the mark, a number of factors need to be harnessed, such as a national proportion of men and women, age group, region, social class, employment etc.

Opinion Polls Market Research Services are futile if your business cannot get insight into a real representation of the population within a country, but harder to reach groups such as 18-24 year old men can be tricky to pin down.

This is where we come in – with access to 10 million pre-screened respondents covering the UK and worldwide, Redshift Research can achieve a quality representative sample quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Sometimes, a national representation isn’t the ideal solution. Your business could achieve better results by targeting a particular segment, such as focussing on those who are economically active, or targeting certain geographical areas to achieve good coverage in the local press. We have the proven expertise to advise you on who, when and where to interview.

With a core team of senior researchers, every project we do is treated with the same thorough, consultative approach. We tailor our Opinion Polls Market Research Services to deliver optimal, individualised studies that suit the specific brand and circumstance. What’s more, our projects are carried out seamlessly because we always have our eye on the ball with close monitoring and communication between teams.

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I just wanted to say how brilliant and easy it is working with you guys. Everything you do is painless – you often deliver ahead of time (and sometimes under budget!!!) and are now even offering to give us even more than we asked for.


You’re by far the best research company I’ve worked with, and seem to completely get what we’re looking for the whole time. I’d never recommend anyone else!


Thanks again

Associate Director  Bite Global 

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