BDM'sBusiness Decision Managers are the movers and shakers – while they’re an absolutely key audience to gain feedback from, they’re also notoriously hard to reach. Redshift Research has the know-how to tap into this crucial demographic.

If you’re looking to market, sell to or engage with businesses you have to understand who does what, why people act the way they do and of course what really matters to them. This is easier said than done.

To target BDMs properly is complex – you need to understand the nature of decisions (strategic, tactical, operational etc.), the role played by different departments (HR, IT, Accounts etc.) in making decisions, and the way in which they interrelate with each other. Then there are the intangibles such as the business climate, governance and the environment. All of these factors impact on the way BDMs think and act.

Redshift’s Opinion Polls Market Research Servicesinclude a thorough understanding of these issues – through extensive experience we know how to work through the challenges to reach and get to grips with business decision makers in the UK and abroad.

We have researched BDMs in almost every market sector imaginable, and while many of the parameters remain the same, the development of online panels has been a real game changer.

Traditionally, we had to rely on telephone/face to face interviews or even focus groups to reach business decision makers, which took time and substantial investment. With our very own online panel called Crowdology, although we can’t promise to reach the CEO of a FTSE 100 company, we do have access to even specific segments such as 2,400 IT decision makers in China, around 800 HR managers in India and over 2,000 general business decision makers in the US.

In short, the way we can now reach and research this group has changed beyond recognition, allowing us to deliver on-point results that are also cost effective.

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We have shot a new TV ad and other campaign assets for our new product, again, building on the insights from your research and our current campaign’s success.  AND… we are developing the app with key insights as well (e.g. building communication/engagement pieces based on the potential reasons customers may buy our product).  So our journey continues….

It’s all thanks to the insights that we have such great results….  The research project was definitely money well spent.”

Global Head of Brand, Slendertone 

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Questionnaire Design:

Keep the number of questions to a minimum to ensure highest possible data quality