Opinion Polls Market Research Services

Redshift provides effective Opinion Polls Market Research Services for the UK and abroad – we deliver fast, on-point audience insight that you can count on.

We can access over 15 million people across 60 countries. We have over 900 data points (e.g. mobile phone used, number of children, job role, bank, education level etc.) on each potential respondent, enabling us to effectively pinpoint the B2B or consumer people you need to interview. As we own the online panel Crowdology we have access to deeper and quicker screening functions than self serve tools.

The Benefits of Online Panel Research

From both a cost and insight perspective, the advantages of Opinion Polls Market Research Services are immeasurable. Using the online route means we can completed international studies in days. Additionally, research that was prohibitively expensive to all but the largest organisations has now been made affordable – the level of audience insight achievable through online panel research is, without a doubt, astounding.

How Online Panels Work

We identify people who are happy to take part in research surveys, and then collect their details at registration to identify the type of research they are relevant for. We pay respondents for the time they spend completing questionnaires.  Strict quality procedures ensure results are accurate and responders aren’t over worked. This prevents interviewee fatigue or people becoming ‘conditioned respondents’ which could damage the quality of the information gathered.

Costing for Online Research

While we can provide a price list for popular categories we research (Crowds), the fact is that the more difficult it is to identify and reach a particular audience group (for example, people owning Llamas in Yorkshire is really challenging), the more expensive the project becomes. That being said, Redshift has conducted surveys and provided opinion polls market research services for some really niche audiences both in the UK and abroad – we can tell you within minutes how many interviews we can complete in any country, and how much each completed interview will cost.

The other factor that impacts on cost is the length of a questionnaire, since we pay people for the time they spend completing each one. So it’s important to keep surveys as focused as possible – we can help you to concentrate on what you really need to know for a strategy or news angle, rather than what might be useful.

The Redshift Difference

One of the main reasons we are always able to deliver cost effective insight is that our panellists love us – we’re ranked 4th on Martin Lewis’ Moneysavingexpert.com. Happy panellists mean good quality data and quick responses.

But its not just value for money that sets us aside, our execs programme as well as design questionnaires, so they know the pit falls to avoid and the angles that have been done before. They’re approachable and offer questionnaire advice for free as part of the fieldwork. Alternatively, give them the comms or marketing objectives and they can design a survey for you to review.

We are ready to help you

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Redshift’s Red Hot Tip

Questionnaire Design:

Keep the number of questions to a minimum to ensure highest possible data quality