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Given the nature of our business, with client confidentiality being key, it’s often very difficult to prove the impact of our work and the changes our clients have made as a result of our engagement.  The fact that all our work is bespoke can make it even more difficult to offer typical examples of outcomes.

So we were delighted to read a series of articles in the press recently with our name in them. They were big announcements, citing the value of our contribution to key decisions. Yes, stuff in the press proclaiming our worth…!  OK, I might be getting a bit carried away here, but from a personal satisfaction point of view its great to get feedback on what people have done with our insights and advice, let alone stating that they have made significant changes based upon them.

So here we go; expo rationalisation, expo launches and new strategic communications services….

463 Communications relauch

“Where 463 was a niche firm, Vrge runs the gamut, with expertise to help companies in any space, whether finance, transportation, or healthcare”, said Galvin. The revamped agency is also launching Vrge Analytics, which is the result of working with Redshift Research.” – Josh Zecher Vrge


UBM EMEA announces the co-location of 3 key Technology Expos, combining to create the UK’s largest event for customer technology

“This move has been underpinned by an extensive research programme carried out by customer insight specialists within UBM and independent business market researchers, Redshift Research.” – Simon Parker, Managing Director, UBM EMEA London

“Responding to exhibitor and visitor feedback and their trend of successful events within niche markets, May Design Series, the multi-sector show organised by UBM since 2013, will no longer run.” – Alison Jackson, Portfolio Director at UBM EMEA Built Environment.

We would like to say a big thank you to some of our lovely clients who have shared their outcomes publicly and we are glad to have been able to contribute to these key decisions.


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I wanted to let you know that I compiled the results of the cars survey for the following countries (Argentina, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia & Italy – Canada is just starting their outreach now), and we so far have had 524 stories published on the survey, with a total reach of 350,000,000. Pretty great results!

Global Corporate Communications  eBay 

Redshift’s Red Hot Tip

Questionnaire Design:

Keep the number of questions to a minimum to ensure highest possible data quality