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Finding simple ways to summarise complex data on brand image and associations, need not be a challenge.
Using techniques like Perceptual mapping can give clients a clear overview of the market, of their customers perceptions, and of how they measure up amongst the other players in their competitive space.

Brand maps are an effective way to summarise complex data on brand image and associations, represented simply in a two dimensional map. Redshifts clients use them to explore brand image and associations and a brand map provides a simple view of which characteristics are most associated with competitor brands.
This example is based on the consumer electronics, but we’ve used this technique on everything from fitness products to cheese brands and Forklift Trucks.




To read the 3D maps:

  • The closer a brand (represented by a blue dot) is to an attribute (represented by a red line) the stronger the association – e.g. Apple are associated with being “expensive”
  • The closer a brand is to another brand, the more likely they are to be perceived as similar e.g. Acer, and HP
  • The longer an attribute line, the more of a differentiator it is. For example, the reliability line is relatively long. This means the difference in perceived reliability between the most and least reliable brands is quite large
  • The closer a brand is to the centre of the map, the less they stand out from the group

Note: Although a brand might not be close to a line this doesn’t necessarily mean its not associated with it, but that another brand has the factor as a closer association for itself. E.g. Brand A might have lots of strong associations, Brand B might have only 1, so Brand B sits closer to that single factor than Brand A which is pulled towards other factors too.

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I just wanted to say how brilliant and easy it is working with you guys. Everything you do is painless – you often deliver ahead of time (and sometimes under budget!!!) and are now even offering to give us even more than we asked for.


You’re by far the best research company I’ve worked with, and seem to completely get what we’re looking for the whole time. I’d never recommend anyone else!


Thanks again

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