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When we started the business in 2007 we hit the research scene, all guns blazing and had a fabulous first year.  Moving from ownership by a B2B publishing house to a Communications group gave us some great new perspectives and took us to the dizzy heights of being a finalist in the Market Research Society’s Best New Agency category.

Since then we’ve developed a real strength in research for communications, to such an extent that we almost forgot about our ‘traditional research’ skills at one point. I’m pleased to say that this is no longer the case and we’ve gone through a bit of a renaissance.  We’re combining the best of communications best practice, data analytics and good old fashioned insight use to the benefit of both direct end clients and their agencies.  By refreshing our tools we are again in the position of considering pieces of our more strategic work as being worthy of the lofty heights of an MRS award.


Last year we did a project with an IT company who wanted to work out where its should initially focus its improvement efforts: service, sales, implementation or operations.  The company was a big fan of Net Promotor Score (NPS) and wanted to understand the potential impact of making various changes to their NPS.

We experimented with a seldom used technique KANO.  It’s traditionally used in product development work, but in this instance we applied it to NPS, in order to give it more direction and make it more actionable.  It came out with some really interesting results, which our award submission will hopefully portray.

It also got us thinking about how else it could be used and we had some really compelling discussions with agencies about how it might help them get closer to senior people higher up in their client’s organisation. As a result, we’ve put a slideshare together explaining more about the approach and how it might help agencies being perceived more strategically. See what you think, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Slideshare – How to become a trusted advisor



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Many thanks for getting this to us so quickly! We hadn’t anticipated the results until July (3 weeks later than this) so this is a pleasant turn of events.

The bullet point summary is immensely helpful – thank you so much for this.

I’ve worked with RedShift extensively back when I was in the UK and am pleased you’re now in the US as have always had a good experience with your firm.

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